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Our principals have been suppying natural stone for nearly 30 years. We work with factories throughout the world, all to meet the needs of any project.

Fabricator's Secret specializes in North American production for LEED points and to support the home team. Chris Johnson, our President, runs our Manhattan sales office.

We maintain a full time presence in China too, maintaining factory relations, quality inspections and a Chinese registered trading company to handle all export documentation.

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Drone Services

Recently, we were asked to supply 38 replacement pieces of limestone for a 1930s school in the Bronx; frieze panels and cornice, plus wall cap and wash rail, for a parapet that's been damaged by time and water.

The challenge is the location - 52 feet in the air, with no scaffold in place yet. Some of the damage was not evident from previous inspections, and more stone might have to be replaced. This is a perfect job for drones.

Using our FAA licensed operators, we can take hi-res photos showing the facade's condition, and even scale dimensions. Either through photos or laser scans, we can get information often not possible in the early stages of a project.

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